Tenergy Odev Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy

TenergyOdev Dynamo Lantern STEM Building Toy (Assemble a simple motor into a hand-cranked generator to light up a bulb).

It took my 6-year-old grandson and his dad less than 5 minutes to put it together. It is well made, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The toy is sturdy and can be played with over and over and stay together.

If you turn the crank handle one way, the lantern lights up green and if you turn the handle the other way, it lights up blue. The kids had fun taking it into the closet and turning off the light to see how bright the lantern would be. Hearing delighted laughter was well worth getting the toy.

No screws or tools are needed and the instructions made it easy to put together. It helps the children learn how electricity works in a fun, hands-on way.



You can purchase one here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XWZKQ14/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_Pm.9ybB2V0YST

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu25dOGvZeg&feature=youtu.be

Kuddly Kids Large Drying Rack for Baby Bottles

Kuddly Kids large drying rack is one of the best ways to air dry glasses and bottles. The glasses and bottles stay upright to drain properly due to the construction of the rack! It’s well made and convenient. It also makes doing dishes fun!

This is a great way to quickly do the baby bottles and keep them separate from the rest of the dishes, if you need do due to illness.

This drying rack holds the glasses and bottles securely so they don’t fall over. This allows the water inside to drain properly.

This is also a great place to keep your baby bottles organized. It comes in 3 parts so it is easy to clean.


Beautiful blue heart Swarovski Pendant Necklace – J. NINA

Mothers Day Gift J.NINA “Butterfly Love” Made with Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Heart Design Women Jewelry Pendant Necklace

This necklace is so beautiful, I can’t get over the depth of color, clarity, and refraction that the heart crystal has. It is even better than I had hoped for. The butterfly on the top of the heart is rotating for movement and is embellished with lovely sparkling Swarovski crystals. When you turn the necklace over, on the back is another butterfly that has the word “Love” written in script font on it. This would make a lovely wedding or anniversary gift, or another special occasion because of the high quality and workmanship.

It comes in a luxury gift giving box that has gold filigree on the lid. This necklace is very lovely and has such amazing detail in its design.

Click here to see the youtube video of the necklace, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Battery Jumper Cables by TOPDC

TOPDC UL-Listed 100% Copper Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables 4 Gauge 500AMP 12 Feet (4Ga x 12Ft) with Travel Case Bag and Safety Gloves

This is a well made heavy duty booster cable that has strong clamps so they won’t slip.

It comes with protective safety glasses, a carry sack, and gloves.

Many battery cables don’t have the extras and gloves to work with are excellent, especially you are on the way to work and stop to help someone.

The carry sack keeps everything neat and tidy in your truck, especially since the box it comes in is reusable and has a carry handle, in case that vehicle you need to jump is off down the street.

The black cables and clamps are negative and the red is positive and the color coding helps you know what goes where.

The back of the box that the booster cables come in have instructions that are especially helpful for college daughters who may never have had to jump a battery before. These are 500 amp cables.

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Natural Dog and Puppy Arava Flea and Tick Control Collar review

In a world filled with chemicals, it is good that we have a choice for a more natural effective way to care for our pets.  The Arava pet collar is chemical free and has essential oils in it to repel fleas and ticks on our dogs and puppies. The essential oils are geranium, peppermint, cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, thyme, eastern red cedar, rosemary, citronella, soybean and castor.

The collar comes sealed in a foil pouch. Remove the collar from the pouch and put it on your dog loosely, especially if it is a puppy so it won’t get too tight as it grows, but tightly enough that they can’t get it off.  Cut off the excess on the end of the collar after you have fitted the collar to your dog.

This collar is good for approximately 5 months, even with bathing your dog and allowing them to play in the water or swim in ground water, such as creeks or rivers.  We have a creek on our property and our dog loves to cool off on warm summer days with a lot of splashing involved! It is nice to know it will not affect her collar’s effectiveness to repel the ticks and fleas. She is a large golden retriever and the collar is generous in size and fits her well, with extra left over as it is over 24″ long.

This collar is made with oils that actually repel 500 different species of insects naturally!

Note: If you are sensitive to strong smells, when you remove it from the pouch, you may want to use rubber gloves because the essential oils will penetrate your skin and every time you lift your hand to your face, you will have a strong scent of the oils that are on the dog collar.  

Purchase a collar on Amazon

Baby’s Little Black Dress onesie – so adorable

This gorgeous baby’s onesie is her very first “Little Black Dress”. It is made of the softest black knit material that has binding around the neck, legs and armholes for comfort. There are tulle ruffles around the armholes and three rows of ruffles around the hip area. The ruffles go all the way around the front and the back of the cute little onesie and are a soft non-scratchy material.

There is a large pink satin bow on one hip and the gorgeous rhinestones are fused on for safety. It says “My Little Black Dress”. This chic onesie can be handwashed and laid flat to dry to keep it looking good longer.

This is a wonderful gift to celebrate a new little ones arrival. This onesie is very well sewn and every detail seen to. Even the snaps, that open at the crotch for easy diaper changing, are black so everything matches.

This onesie gets a “high five” for awesome baby couture. The maker is Catpapa.

iGarden Radio Control Driven Electric Racing Car

Fast, fun, easy to use and well built. Love it.

I am having so much fun with my radio controlled car. The instructions it came with are very easy to follow and clear to understand. The car is very well made with excellent stable suspension. It can handle the rough farm backyard, going over sticks, rocks, clumps of grass, etc. The controls are effective and responsive so the car goes exactly where I want it to go at breakneck speed.

It didn’t take very long to charge the battery pack when I first got it. I just waited for the light to go from red to green and then hubby installed it in the car for me. The top of the car clamps down to the bottom with cotter pins that you remove each time you want to recharge the battery and the battery lasts for around 10 minutes. I was surprised at the range the transmitter could go without losing hookup to run the car, it reaches pretty much over my very large backyard with no problem.

The design of the car is excellent and detailed, the car looks really sharp. My husband kept commenting on how well the car and control were made and how sturdy it is. It’s super easy to learn how to control, my daughter picked up the transmitter and had it zooming all over the yard immediately. Lots of fun for the family.

Here is a video of the car in operation :-)

Click here to purchase on Amazon

Mellanni Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Mellanni Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains come with two panels and tie backs. The panels measure 52 inches by 63 inches and are the prettiest shade of gray and are a pole top design with 7 back loops. The curtains work very well to block out the light, as they are made of dense weave polyester.

I hung them in my office to shut out the light from the morning sun hitting my computer screen, and to keep the room warmer.

I do notice a big difference in temperature in my office. It is always slightly chilly in here in the winter with the cold coming off the windows. I can feel a distinct difference in comfort with the new drapes up and the room a few degrees warmer, it does make the room cozier.  I also don’t have as much eye strain trying to work on the computer with the morning sun causing a problem.  Later in the day,  I can use the tie backs to let in more light.

When the drapes get dusty or dirty I can wash them in the washing machine on cold and dry in the dryer on tumble low.  These drapes are very well made and good quality.

Click here to purchase on Amazon #BlackoutCurtains #Drapes

Fitness Tracker watch – comfortable, well made and versatile

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 Activity Tracker, OLED Touch Screen Smart Fitness Band, IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Wristband Bracelet

This fitness tracker unit is sleek, professional looking and functions very well.  It blends in with my clothes so I can wear it anywhere I go – to the office, church or even just shopping.

The tracker Bluetoothedeasily to my iPhone 6 plus and it is easy to charge by removing the device from the bracelet to plug into my computer for charging.

The instructions that came with the watch are well written and easy to follow. I was able to download the free app LETSFIT through the Apple store and scroll through the options to adjust the functions to what I wanted them to be.

This fitness tracker is quite versatile and does a lot more than just read my heart rate. The screen is bright and easy to see and the tracker watch holds the charge well.

The watch is quite comfortable to wear and the screen stays dark until I want to read it. All I have to do is tap with to light up the screen to see what time it is to keep me up to date with the time and date.

Here is a list of everything this tracker watch can do (and it’s quite impressive).  It is a heart rate monitor, activities tracker that can record daily steps, fitness tracking, distance and calories burned, it is waterproof,  you can control your music with it, monitors sleep and has a vibration alarm to wake you up. This tracking device will notify you when you have a call by showing the name and caller ID on your screen and it has a standby time fo 5 to 10 days.  It will alert you with notifications of your social media, if you set that up in your app that it is bluetoothed to. There are also other features that are so convenient to help find my phone, and even take pictures with your phone.

You can learn more about it and purchase one here on Amazon

HeyBeauty Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Brush, Waterproof Automatic Makeup Cosmetic Tool, Light Brown-2#

Color: Light Brown

This is a very efficient effective eyebrow pencil that has everything I want and need in a quality product. The pencil twists up as you use it so I don’t need to scramble for a pencil sharpener to keep it sharp. There is also a brush on one end so that is another item I don’t have to dig around in my makeup drawer for, it is right there handy at the end of the eyebrow pencil. It is comfortable and just the right size in my hand to be able to do my eyebrows first thing in the morning and because the ends are covered with a snap-on tip, I can keep it with me during the day in case I need to touch my eyebrows up. Most days the eyebrow pencil stays on all day.

The color is just perfect for me, it actually makes my eyebrows look very natural and not made up. I am a light blonde and the light brown pencil is just the right shade. The eyebrow pencil is creamy and goes on easily. I love the way the tip is shaped because it makes it so easy to apply the pencil. I don’t worry if my eyebrows aren’t the perfect shape when I color them in because the brush takes away the strokes that are too dark or uneven. The brush makes the coloring look like actual eyebrow hairs that are growing naturally, I love it. This is the perfect eyebrow pencil for me.

You can purchase it here on Amazon

Ozeri Wind Fan – beautiful, efficient, effective and well made. An excellent choice!

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan – Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

There is only one word to describe this fan. It is “bliss”. This fan meets my needs beautifully. I am older and the term “hot flash” will ring a bell with some folks for sure. When I am working in my home office/craft room and a hot flash sets in, all I have to do is pick up the control sitting next to me on the desk and push the ON button, right in the middle of the remote and life quickly rights itself. Sometimes I can’t tell if the temperature is too hot or if it’s me, so I quickly glance over my shoulder and read the temperate on the fan’s LCD screen. My husband likes this fan, too, because he doesn’t have to listen to me say “Are you hot or is it just me?” a ton of times all day. I just read the temp and if the room is too hot or the air “close” I turn the fan on.

This fan has a wonderful feature to move the air quietly and blissfully (there’s that word again – this fan really is bliss), around the room with the oscillating feature controlled by the OSC button on the remote control. When I leave the office for a while, I can place the remote in the top of the fan so I don’t misplace it. This is a huge plus because along with hot flashes comes forgetfulness. I may never remember where my car keys are but I always know where the remote for this marvelous fan is.

I love the design of this fan. It reminds me of something off of Star Trek – Enterprise – one of my favorite shows. It is sleek, elegant and because of the slim line design, it fits unobtrusively in areas all through my house when I want to move it, but most of the time I keep my coveted fan in my craft room/home office.

I actually put it together myself. Usually, I have to get hubby to assemble things or I mess it all up. This fan was easy to put together. The instructions that came with it are very clear and easy to follow. It only took 4 small screws and 4 longer screws with convenient wing nuts to put the fan together. The remote even came with the batteries, “Batteries included” is a huge plus in my mind as it shows the company cares about the customers and wants us to be able to use our new fan without digging around for batteries we may or many not have – thank you to Ozeri for including the batteries.

If you are looking for a fan that is quiet, oscillates, doesn’t weigh a ton and is easy to move to where it is needed, look no further. If you want to control your atmosphere, are tired of your house being stuffy and feeling closed in with the winter cold forcing you to use the furnace for heat, just run this fan to feel the soft breeze lift your spirits and help you to feel more comfortable.

You can purchase a fan for yourself on Amazon

SPIKE seasoning – all natural, most flavorful way to season your food.

This quote is taken from the main website for these seasonings and says it all: “Created by pioneer nutritionist and author Gayelord Hauser in his test kitchen in Sicily a half-century ago, SPIKE® Original Magic! is the all-natural, most-flavorful way to season your food. With 39 different herbs and spices + earth AND sea salts – a dash or two on pretty much ANYTHING savory (don’t do it on sweets) – makes it taste “gourmet”.”

The ten seasonings I have are amazing, have lots of flavor and smell divine. The original SPIKE gourmet natural seasoning is my #1 go-to for many dishes and is their all around, all purpose seasoning. I also have the salt free 5 herb, lemon pepper, tenderizer, garlic (love this one a lot), hot n spicy, low sodium and more – there are 10 seasonings to choose from for your every flavor need in the kitchen.

This is a perfect gift for your favorite chef, just make sure you get invited to dinner when they use these seasonings. Dinner will be amazing.

The seasonings are in glass jars, to keep them fresher longer and have perforated tops under the screw on lid for convenience in dispensing them.

Main website for SPIKE seasonings – http://spike-it-up.com/

I received this product in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers

Native Spring Portable LED Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern

This lantern is a great one for camping, backyard fun with the kids or everyday lighting needs at night. It has 36 very bright LED lights that will last for more than 10,000 hours. Because the lights are LED, they stay cool, so no worries about the lantern getting hot and burning little ones fingers.

This lantern has a variety of sources for energy, so you will have light no matter what situation you are in.  The top of the plastic lantern is a solar panel, and the lantern comes with a car charger cord, a usb charger cord, a built in crank handle, and a power cord.

Six hours of solar charging will give up to four hours of light.

The lantern also comes with a mini light that attaches to your keychain with a carabiner for light when getting into your car in a dark parking lot or using your keys to get into the house at night.

There is a build in handle for convenience, with a clip that swings out to allow you to hang the lantern from a tree or a hook.

This lantern is well made and lightweight because it is plastic and LED lights.  The plastic makes it easy to clean and water resistant. It is a good tool to have in your emergency preparedness kit.  I really like it.

You can purchase this lantern here on Amazon #NativeSpringCampingLantern

Neon Color Christmas Liquid Chalk Markers

Neon Color Christmas Liquid Chalk Markers by Art Colors. 12 Bright Colors including 2 Special Color – Gold and Silver. For Chalkboard Whiteboard – 6mm with 8 Gram ink. ECO FRIENDLY.

These are awesome liquid chalk markers. All you have to do is shake them up for a ton of fun.

My granddaughter, Embry Claire, and I love to write messages to each other on her mirror.

I would write them when I went to bed so in the morning she would find the “I love you” notes as she got ready for school, and she would leave me a message that I would find as I got ready for the day.

These chalk markers are really easy to use and I hope to be using them again with Embry when she gets out of hospital and is back home again.

There are even two extra gold and silver markers in this set.

I got them here: on Amazon

They are waterbased so easy to clean up and non toxic so when Embry’s little brother, Tristan, wanted to get in on the fun, it was harmless. There are 12 bright colors of awesomeness.

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Cup with Glass Tea Strainer

My #SimpleToBrew loose leaf tea infuser cup arrived and I am thrilled with it. It has a glass tea strainer inside and a stainless steel lid.

The first thing I did was get my Teavanna loose leaf tea out to try in it. I heated up the electric kettle and when it was boiling, I poured the water over the yummy loose leaf tea that I had placed in the glass insert. I was interested to see just how well the glass strainer worked and happy to see that it actually worked really well. I didn’t have a bunch of loose leaf tea in my cup and the glass strainer insert did a good job of separating the tea from the water.

After leaving the tea to steep, with the stainless steel lid on it, I came back to check it and loved how wonderful it smells and how pretty the tea looked in the glass. I was amazed at how well the ribbed cuff on the glass did to buffer the hot glass so my fingers were nice and warm but not burning.

I took the lid off and put the glass insert inside another glass I ready and put the lid on that. Now the loose leaf tea can be used tomorrow as I stored it in the fridge for later. I use my loose leaf tea at least twice, just steeping it a bit longer the second time and it is still delicious.

You can put the insert on the stainless steel lid as a drip tray if you are only going to use the tea once. I do like the silicone sleeve from not only keeping my fingers from getting burned, but it has just the right texture for keeping a good grip on the tea cup.

I am very impressed with the quality and I love the look of the glass as well. After enjoying a delicious calming cup of tea, I handwashed the cup and let it air dry on my dish rack for next time.

SimpleToBrew makes an exceptionally nice tea cup and infuser with the lid, if you like loose leaf tea. You can also use it with tea bags.

Here is where you can get one of your own: on Amazon





Essential Oil Nebulizer by Consumer Associates

Have you ever used a nebulizer for essential oils?

This is my first one. I usually use a diffuser to scent my office and it takes water and puts moisture in the air.

When you live in an already moist environment, sometimes you don’t want more moisture in the air so a nebulizer is better.

This one is by #ConsumerAssociates and I simply put the essential oils I want directly into the glass reservoir (just the oil, no water) and push the button.

Right now I am using a Cranberry Mandarin blend and my office smells heavenly.

I can either plug it into my wall outlet or it also has a USB plug for the computer for power. It covers a room up to 1,200 feet. I really like it. I got it here: on Amazon

Bath Bomb Mold – 12 Sets + 4 Ropes+ 1 Spoon = 1 box – DIY

These bath bombs are so easy to use, and because the molds are clear, you can see how they are turning out as you are making them. This allows you to adjust the coloring as you go.

The molds are reusable and there are 12 molds in the set so you can make plenty. When your bath bombs are finished, they aren’t only good for the bath, but they are great to hang around the house as potpourri when you make them with your favorite essential oils. Ropes for that purpose are included in the set.

The balls are just over 2″ when done. Recipes to make bath bombs are all over the internet and can be found by searching google.

Here is a good recipe:
Ingredients and Supplies:

1 cup baking soda.
1/2 cup citric acid.
1/2 cup Epsom salts.
1 tsp. water.
2 tsp. essential oil.
3 tsp. oil (olive oil)
food coloring (any color you want)

You can find the instructions on how to make this recipe here

You can purchase your set here on Amazon

Easy@Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale

Laura, my daughter, calls my new weigh scale the TRON scale, after the sci-fi movie because of its cool look!

This Bluetooth scale is amazing, it measures body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR(KCAL), bone mass and visceral fat.

I almost want to get it passworded because of all the info it will have of me, it uploads the measurements to the corresponding app that can be downloaded on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet! It has a large tempered glass top is safe and supports up to 400lbs.

It has auto shutdown for people like me who can never remember to turn things off and it even comes with the 4 AA alkaline batteries . Sweet.

I got it here: http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Home-Digital-Bluetooth-CF351BT/dp/B00KGQ5562/ref=sr_1_21_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1461252089&sr=1-21&keywords=body+fat+scale #CF351BodyFat

Essential Oil Box Carrying Case

This box is made to carry essential oils in it and have one place for you to go to find what you need.

Before I got this box, my essential oils were stored in two bathroom cupboards and the kitchen cupboard so it was guesswork every time I wanted to find the EO I was looking for.

This box is nicely made from pretty pine wood. It will hold my essential oils well.

Two suggestions that could have made this box even better:

1. It is un-sanded, untreated pine. It is going to absorb anything on your hands and look dirty and grubby in no time unless I take the time and money to go purchase paint or varnish to seal the wood. Right now I am very busy and don’t have time, so I won’t use my box until that can be taken care of.

2. It needs a handle to be able to pick it up with. It would be much more convenient with a carrying handle on top – that is another purchase I will make when I go to the hardware department – a handle.

Apart from that, this is a nice little box. It is not heavy duty so I will have to treat it carefully, but I really do like it. As soon as I have done the upgrades on it, it’s going to be perfect.

Come to think of it, I love doing rosemailing and painting the box to put my own special art on it is something to look forward too. Perhaps it was a blessing to get the box un-sanded and the wood not treated.

You can buy it here #anjinaturals

Aulker K6 Mono Over-Ear Bluetooth Headset One Ear

Okay, officially impressed. I have tried a number of earpieces, earphones, headphones, etc and because of my hearing loss, I don’t usually like them.

I just tried this one and – oooh, surprise – I actually like it.

This blue tooth wireless headset is easy to set up and my Iphone 6 plus found it easily and paired.

I tested it with my favorite Youtube channel and found I could hear the music quite nicely.

Yep, I am a “You’ve Got Talent” addict and love the singing.

This headset allowed me to hear really well, in fact, I had to turn it down! Awesome!

You can purchase it on Amazon here