Essential Oil Box Carrying Case

This box is made to carry essential oils in it and you will oilbox.pnghave one place for you to go to find what you need.

Before I got this box, my essential oils were stored in two bathroom cupboards and the kitchen cupboard so it was guesswork every time I wanted to find the EO I was looking for.

This box is nicely made from pretty pine wood. It will hold my essential oils well.

Two suggestions that could have made this box even better:

1. It is un-sanded, untreated pine. It is going to absorb anything on your hands and look dirty and grubby in no time unless I take the time and money to go purchase paint or varnish to seal the wood. Right now I am very busy and don’t have time so I won’t use my box until that can be taken care of.

oilbox1.png2. It needs a handle to be able to pick it up with. It would be much more convenient with a carrying handle on top that is another purchase I will make when I go to the hardware department a handle.

Apart from that, this is a nice little box. It is not heavy duty so I will have to treat it carefully, but I really do like it. As soon as I have done the upgrades on it, it is going to be perfect.

Come to think of it, I love doing rosemailing and painting the box to put my own special art on it is something to look forward too. Perhaps it was a blessing to get the box un-sanded and the wood not treated.

You can buy it here #anjinaturals #tomoson #ad

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