Aulker K6 Mono Over-Ear Bluetooth Headset One Ear

Bluetooth Headset, Portable Wireless Behind Over-Ear Mono Single Ear Business Hands-Free Calling Black Headphone for iPhone Android Smartphone with Secure Hook, Up to 8H Talking 100H Standby Time

Okay, officially impressed. I have tried a number of earpieces, earphones, headphones, etc and because of my hearing loss, I don’t usually like them.

I just tried this one and oooh, surprise I actually like it.

This blue tooth wireless headset is easy to set up and my Iphone 6 plus found it easily and paired.

I tested it with my favorite Youtube channel and found I could hear the music quite nicely.

ear3Yep, I am a You’ve Got Talent addict and love the singing.

This headset allowed me to hear really well, in fact, I had to turn it down! Awesome!

You can purchase it on Amazon HERE

#tomoson #ad

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