Aulker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Color Changing LED Light

ledsp1This hands-free wireless speaker is loaded for visual enjoyment with its ability to change colors with the LED lights and movement. This speaker may be small but it’s only the size and not the volume!

The sound is good and the speaker can be taken ledsp2anywhere you want to go. It can fit in a backpack, purse, coat pocket or transported in the car easily with one hand.

The speaker is very well designed with buttons just where you think they should be. On the back is the on/off button. To use it you simply push the switch from off to on ledsp3and the speaker will vocalize to tell you it is in bluetooth mode. I turned on my iphone 6 plus and went to settings. Then I went to bluetooth and BT Speaker immediately showed up on the list. I touched that and the speaker ledsp5announced that it was connected.

To test the sound I went to YouTube and picked out one of my favorite songs, as I know what it should sound like so could have something to measure the test by. The sound is good, not phenomenal, but good. I found the bass a bit lacking but the sound acceptable.

The speaker comes with a charging cable and a user manual. It can also be used to take phone calls and drive hands free. Another great use is when you are all together at a party and get a call that you need to let everyone hear.

You can purchase this product HERE#tomoson #ad

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