Car Headrest Premium Hook Hanger

headrest1.jpgConvenient, easy to install and use. Well made and sturdy. Great way to keep my purse off the floor to keep it clean.

The hanger is what I purchased this hook for. My purse is always thrown in the car in the boot and gets dirty from folks shoes and other things that hit the floor of the car. Now I simply put the loop of the purse over the hook and my expensive purse stays clean and the leather headrest2doesn’t get stained up, or worse if folks don’t see my purse there and tread on it.

This is really easy to install, you simply depress the two button on the side of the hangar to allow it to fit between the metal posts on the headrest in your vehicle and release the hanger to extend to fit snugly on the posts. It is stable and will hold not only whatever you want to hang on it, but also has a magnetized circle on the hook so you can put your iPhone or iPad on it to watch movies or play games while you travel. there are metal circles with adhesive backing provided with the headrest to apply to your iPhone or iPad.

I just put the metal circle in inside my iPhone case and that holds my iPhone securely on the strong magnetic circle so I can use it in the car for hands-free calling or to use my phone for conference calling with the others in the car and be able to have my hands free to take notes. #tomoson #ad

You can purchase it HERE

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