Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder by CANPER

Battery Operated Stainless Steel Mill

A beautiful grinder that I love to keep my Himalayan salt in. Effortless grinding, perfectly ground salt every use.

This electric grinder works very well and is easy to use.
Positive thoughts:


– holds quite a lot so doesn’t need to be refilled frequently

– simple to understand how to use and comes with visual and written instructions

– nice clean minimalistic design, looks really nice on the table or in the kitchen

grinder2– has a clear area to see through so you can immediately tellĀ if it is full or needs refilling

– visual pictures on the bottom of the grinder to remind you which way to turn the bottom for fine or coarse

– a convenient way to grind most spices.

– a push on the top and I effortlessly have ground Himalayan salt. My hands are not strong and using a regular grinder is sometimes a challenge

Other comments:
– it takes SIX AAA batteries which makes it very heavy and more expensive to run than if it only has 2 or three batteries
– the lid needs to be turned to the left to lock down on the base and it unlocks pretty easily if you are not careful, dropping the base and spilling the salt.
– definitely not anything that should be left out on the counter or table with kids around. It is far too much fun for them to keep pushing the button on the top and making a mess. This is best kept put away in the cupboard until needed and only for meals with adults. The minute you turn your back, the kids are giggling and making salt piles.

To purchase one on Amazon, go HERE #tomoson #ad

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