Portable Digital Stainless Steel Scale



Digital Kitchen Scale Food Scale Weighing Lightweight Portable Mini Measuring Scale Multi-functional Volume Measurement Gram Scale 11lb 5kg Silver Stainless Steel (Batteries Included)-White #Alisten #Tomoson #ad

This is a very well made stainless steel scale that is just the perfect size to keep on my desk. It is approx 6″ x 7″ and lightweight so doesn’t take up very much room.

To use, simply push and hold down the button. Wait for the numbers to zero out and measure. I am using it for postage because it is so convenient to simply grab it, weigh the package to find out how many ounces it is and ship the package.  Having this scale on my desk saves time, is quick and easy and allows me to work more efficiently and faster.

This scale even comes with the batteries.  I love that. It can weigh from 0 to 11 pounds or 0 – 5 kg.  It is listed as a kitchen scale and has a stainless steel surface for easy cleaning.

You can purchase it HERE on Amazon.

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