Solar lights for garden or yard by Tomshine

light1Tomshine 4 LED Solar Ground Light, 40LM water-resistant lights for garden or yard.

Easy to assemble, quick to install in the garden and basically no maintenance.

These lights are a simple way to light up the new plants my husband just put in our yard. They come in 3 pieces and you just push two of the teepee-shaped pieces together by sliding one inside the other. Then you line up the 4 holes on the back of the light and light2push the back piece you just assembled into the back of the light. Once the back piece is in the light, it will stay there.

There is a push button on the top of the light. When it is depressed, the light is on and can collect the solar power from the sun during the day and light up the walkway plants at night. There is a protective plastic on the top of the lights that must be removed, and you have to occasionally wipe the top of the light to keep dust and dirt of it so it can collect the power of the sun and convert it to energy efficiently.

There are four lights in the package, and after assembly, it is easy to simply push them into the ground for them. If you do have to replace the batteries, you need to use type 600 mAH, Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries only. To do that you need to remove the four screws on top of the light, and remove the panel and rubber seal to access the battery compartment. The LED part of the solar lights is not replaceable.

I am seeing how well these work over time and will get more lights later. I love being able to have lights near the walkway with pretty much zero effort.

To purchase this product click HERE

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