AISHN Scroll Spice Decorative Wall Mounted 3 Tier Wall Hanging Rack


The spaces between the wires are large enough that smaller items or spools will fall through so I keep my serger thread and larger embroidery spools of thread on it.

With the thread on my wall rack, I can quickly find the thread I am looking for without digging in the drawer for it.

You can find it here: on Amazon

The $13.99 shelf was supposed to be free for review, however, the code the seller gave me still left $5.99 to pay. Apart from not being happy with the seller offering it for free and then winding up having to pay money for it because the seller would never respond back about the code not making the item free as promised, I do like the shelf and it is worth what I paid for it. I will get a lot of use out of it. #plant

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