Bamboo large cutting board and utensil set by Clasier

Clasier Organic Bamboo Solid Wood Perfect Cutting Board Extra-Large 12″ x 18″ And Four Piece Utensils Set With Juice Tray Groove

This cutting board is very well made and not only looks good but feels good to the touch.  I do love the look and color of bamboo but one of the reasons I got this one is for health benefits.

bamboo2Bamboo has antibacterial qualities and will neutralize approx 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours, as will all wooden cutting boards. Bamboo is also a sustainable resource because of how quickly it regrows.  It makes me feel great to use earth friendly cutting board and utensils.  I am slowly replacing plastic in my kitchen for health reasons and this is a good choice over plastic cutting boards.

Bamboo cutting boards must be hand washed and left to dry, though, and do not put them in your dishwasher or it will ruin it.  It just takes a minute to scrub it and leave it in the dish rack.

You can purchase this bamboo set #Clasiercuttingboardwutensils

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