Ddidak Medication Reminder

pillcase2This is a medication reminder pill box that can be set with up to 6 alarms.  There are three white plastic bottles with a snap on lid and 3 blue.  The box contains yellow stickers for you to write the time and/or medication contained in the box.

Be aware that the alarms are set with pillcase124 hour time, so if you are used to am and pm, that doesn’t work with this reminder box, you will need to input in 24 hour time.

The box is very well made from plastic with a sliding lock button on the front so it won’t come open in your purse or valise.  The LED screen is easy to read and backlit when you are entering the time you want the alarms to go off.

The medication reminder box takes 2 AA batteries to function and comes with a well-written instruction manual.  The instruction manual has a QR code that can be scanned with your smart phone that takes you to a video showing you how to set the alarms.  It also has a video at https://youtu.be/E1E2zUIZQaU to show you how use the box.

You can purchase it on Amazon

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