Dave’s Sport Tennis Elbow Brace Review.

davesport1Works well, super comfortable, inexpensive and stays put. NO pain – love it. When the brace arrived from Amazon via Fedex, I put it on and wore it all day. Most of the time during the day, it was so comfortable, I actually forgot I had it on. One of the big differences I noticed about it from my other elbow braces is that it stayed put and didn’t slide off. That is a huge plus. My other braces had actually slid off when I did simple things like extend my arm down. This davesport3-258x300one stays right where I put it, providing pressure on the large muscle in my arm and stopping the pain in my arm and elbow.

It is made from durable washable material and is not as bulky as my other elbow supports I wear for carpal tunnel. I highly recommend it. #Daves_support_Tennis_Elbow

See my youtube video review for this well made, effective elbow brace here

You can read more about it and purchase it on davesport2-300x261Amazon here.

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