Aerb 2.4GHz Colorful Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard

minikeyboard** Very well made, intelligent design, works perfectly. Excellent purchase**

This device works very well and right out of the box. I opened the back battery compartment and took out the USB plug to plug it into my computer to test. My computer immediately dinged to let me know a new device had connected to the computer. I opened an email and started to type to send me a test and found that I love the keyboard. It is a good tactile keyboard and also found I wasn’t making any spelling mistakes because of the way the keyboard is made and the space between the keys.

I really like the touch pad on the top part of the keyboard. It works immediately, with no time lag, and exactly where I want it at the speed I want it to. Very impressive. It comes with a user manual that I was able to quickly read. It is well written with illustrations and succinct so I completely understood how the keyboard worked.

I love how the keyboard feels in my hands and how responsive it is. This was a very good purchase.

If you would like to know more about it and order one for yourself, go here:

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