Coyom Metatarsal Ball of Foot Gel Pads (2 Pcs)

footpadsThese pads for the bottom of my feet are made from a silicone and are supposed to give support. You slide the pad on by putting your toe through the loop, but the pad moves around a lot in the shoe and while I would love to give a good review for these pads, I have to say that they are not something I would purchase again.

The silicone pad is supposed to give support but actually feels like it is a wad of rubbery silicone moving around in my shoe and it hurts worse with the pad in my shoe, than without it.

The pads are a one-size-fits all, and appear to be well made. Since they are designed to give relief, and not only did they not provide relief but they actually hurt worse, I simply can’t recommend them. Perhaps if you have something different wrong with your feet, they might work for you, but they didn’t for me.

To order read more about them, go here

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