Naisidier popsicle maker bags – 150 ct

popsiclePopsicle Molds Bags with 5 Free Ice Pop Sleeves, Naisidier 150Pcs Disposable DIY Ice Pop Mold Bags for Yogurt, Candy, Ice, Milk and Freeze Pops Making, BPA Free & FDA Approved

These popsicle maker molds are so quick and easy to use. They are like long narrow ziplock bags that you fill with whatever you would like to make into a frozen treat.

I made chocolate cherry popsicles that were ready in just a few hours in the deep freeze. Using my smoothie machine I put half milk, half orange juice and added pitted sweet cherries. To those ingredients I added organic chocolate, organic vanilla, and agave. I blended it to make a smoothie and poured it into the popsicle maker bags.

When the frozen treats were ready, I took one out and put it into the provided popsicle sleeve to keep my fingers from getting cold. Yummy.

Tips: Do not fill them all the way to the top. Leave some air space so it is easier to zip the plastic popsicle holders closed. Pour the liquid in with a measuring cup with a spout so you get it exactly into the popsicle maker or use a mini funnel to fill with.

You can purchase the popsicle makers here:

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