GT ROAD Bright Tactical Led Torch Flashlight

I am really happy with my purchase of flashlights. These are heavy duty and very well made. The zoom focus is really helpful when trying to zero in on what is making the noise in the backyard at night when you live in the middle of beyond. The smaller flashlight has a convenient clip on it so it’s easy to access off my belt when needed. It will zoom down into a small square to zero in on what I need to see, or with a simple pull on the end of the flashlight, it gives me a wider beam.

The larger flashlight has a handy wrist strap so if my hand is bumped, my flashlight doesn’t hit the ground and I can quickly grab it. I can run the flashlights off the lithium batteries that come with them or I can use 3 triple a batteries – it’s nice to have a choice. There is a user manual page that comes with the flashlights that have good information in it.

One thing I do want to comment on. Put these flashlights up and away from children. Do not allow them to shine them in their eyes, as the flashlights are very strong and are blinding. These flashlights are not toys, but serious tools that are very well made and meant for heavy duty business.

If you would like to purchase some, go here:

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