JoGray 18K White Gold 4-Prong Oval Diamond Anniversary Ring

tiffanyringThis is a beautiful stainless steel ring that has an excellent reflective stone in it. I love it.

I am very happy with my pretty solitaire ‘diamond’ ring. It has a marvelous sparkle and looks beautiful.

It is really well made with 6 prongs around the single stone and looks like white gold, but is stainless steel as described in the description, which means it will be durable and last well. With this ring, comfortable fit and amazing appearance is everything. I can put it next to the expensive real diamonds in my jewelry box and you can’t tell the difference.

The stone is a princess cut round stone, not oval, but that’s okay because I like the round stone better. For the price, I imagine it is an excellent quality CZ. I love how the band is made, too, sloped down either size from a higher middle to give it character and distinction. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another one, it is gorgeous.

There is a tag on it that says Tiffany & Co and those words are inscribed inside the band. It obviously isn’t from Tiffany & Co because of how the setting is made underneath the stone, but it’s fun to pretend and feel like a royal wearing this lovely ring. I am overall very pleased with my purchase.

To purchase this gorgeous ring, go here:

Be sure to watch my video so you will see exactly what you are getting, go here:


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