Benji Rules – Infant/Toddler Shoe Sizer

This shoe sizer is such a great idea for growing families. As shoes are grown out of and passed down or if friends have shoes they want to share with the family, it is easy to quickly know the size of the child they want to give it to, and if the shoes will fit. It also helps when ordering online.

Kids grow so quickly that it is really handy to have this shoe sizer at home. It makes shopping trips so much easier, especially when trying to keep track of a number of children in the store.  Little ones tend to squirm and not want to hold still, as there are so many things to distract them while shopping, that knowing their shoe size before going into the shoe store really helps make the trip quicker and more efficient.

This shoe sizer is made of wood and measures infant/toddler shoe sizes from 0-13.  There is no sliding parts to the shoe sizer, so no struggling to get the pieces to work or slide.  You simply put the little one’s foot down on the sizer with the toes touching the top and quickly and easily see at the heel what size they wear.

If you would like to get this handy time saving sizer, go here:

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