Deluxe Copper Grill Mat set of 3

copper-matsThis grill mat is the perfect solution to a mess in the oven that needs to be scrubbed out. Yes, they are meant for backyard grills, but I got them for using in the oven to deal with pizza I heat on the rack, apple pies that boil over and cooked on spills that seem to take ages to clean up after they are baked on.

These wonderful mats are washable and reusable. You can wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher but I find it easier to quickly clean them up with soap and water and pop them back into the oven for future use.

There are 3 mats that are .2 mm thick and are 13″ x 15 3/4″.  They are high quality and well made.

These are non stick for grilling or baking but when baking I don’t set my temp higher than 400 degrees, even though you can cook up to 500 degrees. Most of my recipes call for temperatures 375 to 400 degrees, anyway.

To use them, I can put the food directly on the mat (like I do for pizza) and cook like normal. I only use wood or plastic utensils so I don’t scratch the copper mats.

If you would like some of your own, go here:

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