Willful SW016 Bluetooth Smart Watch

This smart watch has a nice design and interface so it is easy to use. The face of the watch is easy to see. You can choose your own style of watch faces, and personally, I like the minimalist watch face best for immediate recognization of the time.

The instructions that came with it are pretty well written to allow you to figure out how to get the smart watch set up and functional.  You do have to get creative in figuring out what the person who wrote the manual intended to say, but the information is there.

I love the convenience of having a calculator at my fingertips that works well and is easy to use without hitting all the wrong numbers. The spacing between the numbers is good so accuracy is excellent.

There is also a calendar but it doesn’t do anything like allow you to schedule, it just shows you the calendar dates and day of the week.

To enter in contacts, it is like the old cell phones where you have to enter with a keypad, knowing how quickly to hit the alphabet so it cycles around to help you spell the name. My daughter is lightning fast at it and I will get better at it with time.

The watch is held on with two metal pins that fit into the silicone wristband and holds it firmly on your wrist.  There are other functions that this watch does that you will be able to learn about and enjoy using.  If you would like to know more about this smart watch, go here: go here

Note: I have an iPhone 6 plus and a portion of this phone does not work for me. I can’t download the app. I tried to scan the QR code and nothing, so I keyed in the long URL into both browsers on my iPhone and still nothing. After reading reviews on Amazon where the watch is listed, other folks mentioned that this is not going to interact with the iPhone so I stopped trying to make it and concentrated on what it does do.  It will not Bluetooth connect with the iPhone.

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