Willful Waterproof Sports Watch Wrist Pedometer Bracelet

I really like this smart wrist band that does so many things for me. I can keep track of the time, day date and also the amount of charge the watch pedometer has left so I know when it needs charging at a glance. One of the other fitness trackers I had required me to drill down a number of steps to find out what the battery charge is left and it’s annoying. With this pedometer bracelet, I have that important information with just one look.

I like the look of this wrist bracelet and the ease of putting it on and off. I can track my activities to make sure there is enough movement in a day that is filled with sedentary work. I just check the number of steps and know whether I need to take a short break for a walk, or if I am okay and can keep on working.

The instruction manual that comes with the pedometer is complete with all the knowledge needed to get up and going quickly. I simply scanned the QR code to get the app on my phone needed and followed the instructions for a quick set up.

The best part about this phone for me, besides how well it works and keeps me informed, is the way it is charged. Watch the video as I show you the unboxing of the pedometer. You will want to buy one, too. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L94DNVI


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