Zaker 10 Pack Solar Eclipse Glasses

These glasses will help me be able to see the first solar eclipse in 38 years and be comfortable while I am doing it. The glasses came and I took them out of the bag to see just what they were actually like. They were individually packaged – all 10 of them – and appear to be well made. I was surprised to see that the ‘lenses’ part of the glasses actually looked like smooth, thick aluminum foil to me. I guess I expected them to look more like green plastic sunglass lenses. The glasses themselves are cardboard and in red, white and blue colors. They look fun and festive.

What I really like about these eclipse glasses, apart from being able to see the eclipse, is that they are also keepsakes. There is a place on the inside of the glasses to put your name and mark the time you got to see the eclipse. I am aware that you can only look directly at the sun for no more than 3 minutes at a time with these, but it sure beats staring through old negatives, which a lot of folks in this digital age don’t even have lying around anymore.

If you are excited about looking forward to the eclipse and would like to purchase some for yourself, go here:

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