Tocode CD Player – very versatile

This CD player is very impressive for the quality of sound, versatility, and ease of use. It can be wall mounted and comes with the hardware and mounting plate on the back of the CD player but I prefer to use the stand it comes with so I can move it from location to location, depending on where I want to use it.

I easily blue toothed it to my iPhone 6 plus by going to the Bluetooth mode on my phone and searching for it. There is a button on the CD player’s remote that comes with the CD player you simply push and it turns the Bluetooth on. On your smart phone it will show up as TOCODE. From there all I had to do is select what I wanted to listen to on my phone and play it. I can control the volume of what I am listening to with my phone or with the remote control that comes with the CD player.

It is simple to go from what I have chosen on my phone to listen to and switch over to listening to the CD I placed on the CD player. On the remote, I just pushed the button that says “CD”, and because I had been listening to it before, I also pushed the button that says “repeat”.

The CD player, itself, is well made with a sleek modernistic design that looks good in my office, at home or anywhere I want to take it. I can even take it to the river or beach by using a USB power bank (not included) as power. At home or at the office, I plug the CD player into a power strip or outlet.

To turn the CD player on or off, just give the cord coming out of the bottom of the CD player a tug. It is the ON/OFF switch. It is a lot easier if you are in a hurry to grab the cord and tug it than try to find an on/off switch so I really like that detail in the CD player.

The CD player comes with a very well written user manual, but it is so simple to use that I didn’t really need it.  This player is so easy to use and such good sound. I am very pleased, it is even better than expected.

If you would like to read more about it and purchase one for yourself, go here

Here is the video I made for it so you can see how well it works and how great it sounds:

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