beegod Emergency Personal Security Alarms

Small, compact, effective, lightweight and LOUD.

beegodalarmThis personal safety alarm is LOUD and lightweight so it can easily be tucked in my pocket when I am going out by myself to secure the property, especially at dusk. There is a convenient mini flashlight on the end that you turn on by pushing the small oval button. It can go on a keychain or simply hang it by the door to grab when you need it.

To make the alarm go off, you pull the side tab out of the alarm and to stop the sound you push the tab back in. I tested it in my house and my dog at the other end of the house was cowering in her bed. It is truly loud and has a loud warble sound to it, the kind you hear from some of the police car sirens. I wondered when I got it what it would sound like and this is an alarm type of sound that people would recognize as a problem and come running.

The flashlight is LED so won’t heat up and burn if you keep it on too long. The mini alarm & light is small enough to tuck into the palm of your hand, so is easy to take with you so you can get help if needed.

It’s not just if you have a problem with people. Older folks who fall down and can’t get up can use it if they are going for a walk along a trail in the city park where there aren’t very many people. Folks can also call for help if their neighbor’s dog gets loose and is attacking. This alarm is loud enough that the dogs should run from it. Mine did.


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