Makeup travel bag

When traveling it is important to be able to get up and going quickly in the morning. With this travel bag,  it is easy for me to find exactly what I want and get ready for the day quickly. It is also simple for me to put things away in the bag, zip it up and toss it in my suitcase.  There are places for my brushes so they aren’t just sitting in the bottom of a bag tangled up with everything else, and even places to put eyeliner pencils, mascara and hair accessories.

The bag is very well made from black material with professionally done sewing. There are no lose threads and every stitch is in place. The zippers are strong quality zippers and slide open and closed easily.  The zipper tabs are large enough to be able to quickly grasp and pull, even when my hands are wet.

The makeup bag is designed intelligently with a place for everyday toiletries.  The overall size of the bag is just perfect for what I need to fit, and small enough that it doesn’t take much room in the suitcase.  There are two carrying handles that are comfortable on hands and strong enough to handle the constant use. #tomoson #ad

To read more about it and purchase one of your own, go here:

To see the video of the bag when I got it, go here:


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