Power Screwdriver by Globaza


I love my new power screwdriver.  It fits conveniently in my hand and tucks in my tool kit because of its size and design.   It is pink and white, my favorite colors and has all the screwdriver tips I need for my craft projects.

There is a wrist strap that comes with it that I recommend using. This little screwdriver is more powerful than you think and with the wrist strap on, it won’t get away from you or get dropped if you lose your grip using it.

The screwdriver comes with an extendable tip so I can use it on all of my craft projects without having to go get a longer screwdriver.

What I really love about charging it is that I can slide the hidden USB port from inside the power screwdriver and charge it with my computer.  There is also a power cable so I can charge the screwdriver with the USB port in my truck. This really is an excellent versatile, compact, convenient tool.

The battery that is in the screwdriver is a li-polymer 3.7 volt, 1,000 mAh.  It has a maximum of 280 rpm and only weighs 9 ounces.

To charge the power screwdriver, it takes about an hour and a half with its USB port, but if you use the charging cable it only takes an hour to charge.

There is a pink switch on the end of the screwdriver.  You can see in my video how to use it and it’s pretty simple. The switch slides to the right and left. If you leave the switch in the middle, it doesn’t allow the screwdriver tips to rotate but does allow you to use the light, but when you slide the button to the right or left, it determines which direction the screwdriver bit will turn to.

You can purchase one here:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071VRC4LF

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