OldShark V7 Bluetooth Headphones

oldsharkGreat value for the money, these headphones are uber comfortable and have amazing sound quality.

These are super comfortable headphones with phenomenal sound. I am sitting here jamming out to “Sunshine in my Pocket” music and the bass
is great, the treble is clear and the beat just keeping me going.

It was so easy to bluetooth these headphones, I just slid the power button to the right and waited until it flashed red and blue, then I went to my iPhone 6 plus to the bluetooth setting and the headphones
immediately bluetoothed. I am very happy with these awesome headphones and am working better with music that I can actually hear properly.

I just called my daughter on my iphone with the headphones to test them for speaking. I could hear her so much better than just trying to use the phone in the office. Wearing the headphones cut out all the background noises and the sound quality is great, but she did complain that using the headphones on my iPhone caused a background echo so she could hear herself, too. Not sure what to do about that, but I do absolutely love these headphones to listen to my music.

You can get yours here: https://www.amazon.com/OldShark-V7-Headphones-Microphone-Lightweight/dp/B072P6F4ZN/ref=cm_rdp_product

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