Essential Oil Wooden Storage Carousel

This beautiful rotating essential oil carousel is made from sustainable bamboo wood.

The holes are different sizes so my smaller bottles and individual bottles fit into the carousel for easy access.

The bottom row can fit 20 x 10ml or 15ml bottles and the upper row can fit 11 x 10ml thin roller bottles or 30ml bottles.  I put my roller bottles on the upper row and my essential oils in their original bottles on the bottom row. 

When I need to access a specific essential oil, I can just give the holder a spin and quickly locate it. Before I had the EO carousel, I wound up digging through individuals bottles and it took a lot longer.

This EO carousel is set up so you can put a charging cord through the middle and add a small diffuser in the middle of the carousel if so desired.  I use the middle hole for my largest size of essential oils.

This holder has a metal ring on the bottom that it sits on.  If you are putting this EO holder on a wooden surface, you may want to do what I did and add felt feet to protect the surface, or if you are putting it on a solid surface, you may want to add rubber feet to stop it from sliding.

If you would like to purchase one for yourself, go here:


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