Gorgeous red feather earrings from Kisspat


I just got these pretty red feather earrings for my daughter, Laura Virginia Beasley , because she has been working hard canning beans, pickles, tomatoes and freezing corn from the garden for us. These earrings are so gorgeous and made very well. Each one of the feathers has its own silver clip to dangle from. They are hand crafted and approx 5″ long.

These pretty feather earrings are made by KISSPAT and are a vintage Boho style. They are made from real pheasant feathers and each feather is handpicked to be perfect.

The metal in the earrings has nice detailing and is silver colored. There are red accents on the metal part of the earrings to match the color of the beautiful feathers, and the metal has been antiqued so the detailing stands out more.

The earrings have fishhook posts so you can quickly put them on and take them off, but if you want to change the posts to leverback, that would make sure your earrings won’t accidentally slide out from the back if pushed. That’s happened to me before, because the fishhook earrings get caught in my long blonde hair and I have lost one of my favorite earrings.  I change most of the posts to leverback now.

I got them here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073QPLHJ6/ref=twister_B073QNZHNX?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


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