Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set


This Moscow Mule mug set is amazing and way better than expected. The first thing I saw was the gorgeous color of the mugs, they are stunning and when I picked them up, I loved the feel and weight of them in my hands. They are beautifully made with very comfortable handles, and the workmanship and detailing of the mugs is exquisite.

There is a sticker on the bottom of the mugs that says “made in India” and I really liked that, too. I have other items made in India and they are quality items.

The wooden box the mugs came in is nice enough to use for a jewelry box, it’s just that good! The box is obviously handcrafted with love and care and has mitered edges – my husband noticed the corners on the box first and commented on how well it was done. There is a really nice tray that the mugs go on and even coasters for them.

This was purchased as a gift for my daughter for all the hard work she does around the farm. I was hoping the quality was going to be good on them and it made me so happy to hear her reaction to the gift. She loves this set and is really excited about getting them! This was a marvelous value for the cost and I won’t hesitate to recommend this set to my friends and family.

The mugs have gorgeous coloring and are beautifully made. The box and accessories with the mugs are very attractive.

If you would love to have a set of your own, go here:

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