Happlee Decorations for nails & crafts

nailbottles3D Nail Art, Fashion Nail Decoration, Glitter Confetti, New Nail Glitter, Colored Glitter Powder, Perfect Nail Stickers, Nails Art Design with Sequin Shapes, Rhinestones, Powder (48colors)

Gorgeous colors and interesting shapes all in fun shaped bottles. I love the quality of the shapes cut with precision.

This is an amazing set of tiny bottles filled with everything I just love. There are beads, sparkles, vibrant colors, hearts, glitter, stars, jewels, glistening powder, confetti, gold, silver.  The little bottles they are in have stoppers with a loop at the top.

Yes, they are nail art deco filled bottles but I got them for decorating the kid’s room. My daughter and I are gluing the lids on so we can hang them from a rod with a clear stretch cord at different lengths, so when the sunlight hits them they will keep my grandkids awestruck and delighted with all the colors.

They are up out of the way so the little ones can’t break the display or put them in their mouths. These beautiful little bottles with their precious contents, filled right to the top of the bottle, are the perfect accent to our Peter Pan fairy tale bedroom we created for when the grandkids come to visit.

I love them so much that I bought another set to glue some of the contents onto decor items around the room so they match the hanging display at the top of the window.

I am very pleased with my purchase and love all the quality items in the bottles.

You love them, too? You can buy them here:  https://www.amazon.com/Decoration-Confetti-Stickers-Rhinestones-48colors/product-reviews/B06X93LY88

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