Canvas Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag


It’s like this bag was made especially for me with everything I asked for in a perfect bag. I really love it.

It is made of a durable brown canvas that is nice to touch, and good thing because you will find me hanging on to my bag all day as I shop and travel.

The front of the bag has two pockets on it and the bottom pocket is perfect to put my iPhone in it and thread the earphone cord through the metal hole so I can take phone calls or listen to music without worrying about laying my phone down and forgetting it or having someone pick it up when I am distracted.

The top zippered pocket is for my lipstick which I wind up applying all day.

I can’t stand dry lips and to have a pocket handy to quickly grab my lipstick and re-apply is imperative.

The strap on the bag is super comfortable and I like that it is brown because it hides dirt.

There is a zippered pocket on the back for my kleenex that I keep handy for allergies this summer and the main pocket area with the zipper at the top is just the right size for my wallet, keys, and a protein bar for a snack.

I love the size of this tote as it doesn’t get in the way and isn’t heavy. It is so convenient and a great value for the cost.

You can purchase one here:


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