Elephant Mugs – so adorable.


These mugs are so adorable that I just couldn’t wait for them to get here.

Drink hot chocolate or herbal tea out of them?

Yes, I guess I could have because they are so well made and their handles just the right size to hold comfortably, but that is not why I got them.

I needed something to put a smile on my face when I was stuck pounding the keyboard at the office.

These mugs are just the ticket.

I needed a sturdy holder or two for my desk for all the markers, pens, pencils, clips, rulers and accessories I have all over the desk, so I am now using these darling elephant mugs to keep my space tidy, efficient and fun.

The mugs are stable and don’t tip over and are the best idea for keeping my desk uncluttered and more efficient.   They also keep a smile on my face!

I bought them here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZXWYGQ

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