Photoshop Tutorial by John Slavio

I bought this photoshopbookbook on Amazon to load on my Kindle to read.

I have Photoshop and have used it for years.

I wanted to see what was considered a “beginner” book.

I also wanted to see what the author considered important information for inclusion in the book for folks who have never used Photoshop before.

This book is a very basic book for those who are unfamiliar with the layout in Photoshop and will help them understand how to do basic tasks so they can begin to build on Photoshop mastery.

I found the book layout very simple and easy to follow, it was a bit dated in the layout and some of the larger color visuals were blurry with unreadable words.  These are actual screen scrapes from the book so you can see what the visual are like:



However, the information is there and if you are willing to work through the book, it will give you a very basic understanding of how to use your Photoshop program, even if you have never used the program before.

photoshoptableYou can see by reading the Table of Contents that the information contained in the book is more than enough for you to quickly learn what Photoshop will allow you to do and how to apply tasks to your work.

The author has kept the instructions very simple and clear so even folks with just a basic understanding of the English language can easily grasp how to use Photoshop and apply their own creativity to projects in this program.

I recommend to read the Table of Contents first, then skim through the entire book. After you have done that, go back and read the book thoroughly. This will allow you to become familiar with common terms and gain a quick overview first, before getting bogged down in details.

As you read the book on your laptop, computer or other device, you can make the words or visuals larger by clicking CTRL+ or smaller by clicking CRTL-.  This is very helpful.

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself, go here #photoshop

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