GKHair Hair Taming System Conditioner

hairtameWhen I first opened the bottle of the conditioner, I saw that it was more like a cream than a lotion as the consistency was thicker. This meant it was going to be easier to apply as it wasn’t runny and I would be able to apply it easier but putting some in the palm of my hand and rubbing my hands together.

To prepare my hair for the hair conditioner I needed to wash my hair with excellent quality shampoo.

It is best if you have the same brand of shampoo, but I didn’t so I used what I had on hand and washed my hair twice to make sure it was squeaky clean.

Then I towel dried my hair and it was ready for conditioning using the GKHair “The Best” hair treatment.

It was easy to smooth the conditioner on my hair all the way down to the ends to make sure every strand was coated with conditioner.

This is key, you don’t want to miss any spots, and to make sure all the hair was coated, I used a shower comb with wide teeth.

You can leave the conditioner on for a quarter hour to a full hour, depending on how much time you have available and the condition of your hair.

My hair is long, blonde and in moderate condition because I am careful to take good care of it.

The main concern about my hair is the ends getting split and brittle.  Having very fine hair also leads to frizzies and fly away hair but by using hair conditioner my hair is softer and looks nicer without having to style it with heat every day.

I also love the gentle scent of this conditioner as some hair conditioners tend to have an overpowering chemical smell that just doesn’t go away.

This hair conditioner is easy to use, has a nice scent and is good for my hair. #Tomoson #ad #fashionandbeautystore


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