CEKtoys Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures


These dinosaur skeletons are a lot of fun and pretty realistic for plastic miniatures.

We visited the Dino digs in Utah and wanted to get something to be able to learn more about the dinosaurs that would be fun and interesting.

These toys are very detailed and made of a good quality plastic that is rubbery and not brittle so they can hold up to being used for fun and learning.

There are twelve dinos in the plastic bag and only two are identical. They are just the right size.

I am really pleased with the quality and they are also a good price. The toys at the tourist Dino digs are overpriced and these are just as good, if not better and less expensive. This was an excellent purchase!

Update: My married daughter came into my office and saw the dinosaurs sitting on my desk. She went crazy over them and asked if she could have them. I said “sure” and later this evening I get a facebook message from her that said: “Me + tiny Dino skeletons + mini pumpkins + booze. That just happened.”


I am dying with laughter….this was even better than little kids playing with them!

You want some for yourself! You can find them here:  https://www.amazon.com/CEKtoys-Assorted-Dinosaur-Skeleton-Figures/dp/B073Q6JFTX

There are some specials you can take advantage of when purchasing the dinosaurs!

One is 10% off for the dinosaur fossils and the other is special 30% off for the t rex dinosaur toy (picture attached), but the rule for the special 30% is to follow the sellers instructions:  Search ” T Rex dinosaur toy” on Amazon, click two or three other items on search results and have a quick look on those pages, and then find our product on 6th page and submit the order.

The dinosaur skeleton toys will be on the first page with ” dinosaur fossil skeleton toys” and on the third page with ” dinosaur fossils”.

You can get 10% off your order of dino skeletons by using one of these codes:


Comment below and let me know when you have used one of the codes so folks will know it’s gone.

You can get 30% off the T Rex by using one of these codes:


Also comment below when you have used one of the codes so folks will know they are all used.  If there are more people interested in getting these, I can ask the seller if they are willing to generate more codes 🙂


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