Glucosamine Chondroitin Natural Dog Supplement Soft Chews Organic Joint Relief

Penny is a 14 year old golden retriever. She needs supplements to help her be comfortable and move around. These chews do the job very well for

Whenever you have a dog who needs supplements, the first thing you do is find a supplement that is healthy and will address whatever the dog needs help with.  Older dogs tend to have joint problems, and Penny is no exception.  When she takes her supplements regularly, she has pretty good movement and can get around fairly well for being a cancer survivor and 14 years old.

When Penny does not take her supplements, she can barely move and simply lays on the ground and sleeps or looks sad. This supplement is very good for her as it is organic and has excellent ingredients that address her particular needs.  With the natural chicken and duck flavoring, there is no challenge in getting her to eat her chews.  Instead of having to coax her to eat them, she is always begging for them like they were treats.

With her weight range, she is allowed to have 4 chews a day, so that is four times a day she looks forward to.  It is wonderful to see her enjoying herself around the farm and able to get up and down.  Without the supplements she needed help to get up.

There are 120 treats – ahem, supplement chews – in this container so it is a month’s supply for her.  We are happy to see her pain reduced and mobility a lot better.  If you have a dog that has problems with aging, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, you may want to consider getting them some of these chews and watch the improvement.

You can read more about them here:

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