Zoodinos Magazine

The Zoodinos website states: ‘Dinosaurs come alive for kids in our new Dinosaurs book series from Zoobooks. Each edition in the Dinosaur series follows the award-winning Zoobooks approach: combining spectacular scientifically-correct illustrations and vibrant photos. Simple, interactive text encourages discussion and learninG.”

I am actually very impressed with these magazines and my homeschooled grandchildren will have a blast learning about dinosaurs from these colorful, well written magazines.

There are poems and stories that are fun and interesting. The pictures are very realistic and engaging. A plethora of scientific information adding fact to fictional stories bring the dinosaur era alive for young aspiring minds.

Some of the pictures in the magazines are of such high quality that they could be removed from the magazine and framed to hang on the kids bedroom walls. My favorite picture is of the horned lizard, or chameleon. Under the picture it says, “Chameleons, a type of lizard, come in many shapes and sizes. There are even several types with horns like a ceratopsian! One type of chameleon, called Jackson’s chameleon, has three horns like a Triceratops. One horn grows near the tip of it’s nose, and two grow over it’s eyes. These lizars are not related to ceratopsians, but they may use their horns to impress mates and scare off rivals, just like Triceratops and other horned ceratopsians probably did.”

These articles allow children to compare the dinosaurs to animals they know and may have experience with living today. There are even dino comics on the back of the magazines. I highly recommend them. You can read more and purchase them here: http://www.zoobooks.com/zoodinos

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