Amber Teething Bracelet or Anklet 5.3 inch by Baltic Secret

The reason why I got this bracelet is that amber has an ingredient in it called succinic that is released through the skin as the amber is warmed by the skin.  The more amber you have touching the skin, the greater pain relief you will experience.

Some folks use these bracelets for teething relief for babies and toddlers but I use them for relief from aches and pains, like arthritis and lower back pain from lifting too much.  For more pain relief, I use more amber necklaces and bracelets.  I have a friend who has heart problems that make her chest hurt and when I had her wear my amber bracelet, the pain eased off.

All you have to do is try it, but make sure you are buying real amber and not just plastic beads that look like amber that some of the companies on Amazon sell.  This bracelet is the real deal and will work, it is very reasonably priced, too.  The company ships very quickly as well.

My recommendation is to get 2 or three bracelets and wear more than one when your aches and pains are greater and one when you just need some mild relief.  This company also sells the necklaces, which is what I prefer. I always have amber necklaces or bracelets on hand.  This is where I got mine:

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