Tuna with coconut oil by Itsumo

The caption of the listing on Amazon for this product reads: Itsumo Wild Ahi Tuna in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (1 Pack) – Premium Grade Yellowfin Tuna Fish – Healthy & All Natural Ingredients – Paleo & Gluten Free Protein Snack  and the link to the listing is https://www.giveawayservice.com/p/t4d2m6r7/o8s1a7t5

I am a tuna lover so was pretty excited when this product arrived. I also enjoy coconut oil, it is one of the oils I use extensively in my kitchen.  I will say that when I opened the pouch and saw this, I was less than impressed:

You can see the coconut oil between the tuna on the paper and it really looked like a greasy oily clumpy film instead of being integrated into the tuna to make it moist.

The tuna was minced into smaller pieces like it usually is in cheaper tins of tuna, and at first sight, it was not pleasant to see or appealing.

To be fair, I had to test it, so I tried some of it and what I found was that it tasted like it looked.  It had a faint taste of tuna but that taste was overwhelmed by a greasy oily lard-like taste that ruined any other flavor offered in this package.

I am very disappointed with this product and would never buy it, however, I did offer it to another member of my family and….she loved it.  I put the entire contents of the package on a plate and she ate it right up and asked for more.   She would have eaten another bag or two if I had more so you can see that taste can differ from one to another.

If you love tuna and coconut oil, this may be just the product for you.  However, if you want a good texture and not just an oily paste that has a hint of tuna in it, this would be a pass.

Oh, my other family member that loved this? It’s the family dog.  To be fair, she is very picky and doesn’t eat just anything and at the price of this product, it would be a great option for treats for your favorite pet.

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