Handmade crocheted ponchos by TinasCrochetStudio

These ponchos are so beautiful and very carefully hand crocheted. The colorful yarn makes these ponchos add just the right pop of color to your outfit. The first poncho has a hood that is white trimmed in hot pink to match the fringe. It is flattering and very comfortable.

The second poncho has a black base color with beautiful turquoise, rust, mellow yellow, and burn organge accented with white.  The neckline is a flattering V neck.  This is a great poncho to wear every day.

The third poncho is a creamy white with the same colors as the black poncho for a lighter look.  The fringe is white and goes with everything.  These ponchos are for days when the weather is comfortable but cool so the poncho is just the right weight to keep you warmer without being too hot.

These ponchos are available from TinasCrochetStudio here: https://www.amazon.com/Hooded-Granny-Square-Crochet-Multicolor/dp/B075BKKFVR

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