Laminated Jumbo OFFICE THINK Calendar 3′ by 3′

cal1This calendar by Office Think is well thought out and so convenient to use for the task tracking our business needs.

The calendar comes with tacks to pin it to the wall but it is easier for us to use it on a magnetic board and roll it up when transporting it to another inventory room or location. It comes with felt pens and a genius eraser.  Why genius? The company put two magnets on the back of the eraser so no losing it or having it fall on the floor as you are making a presentation or conducting a meeting – the eraser stays within easy reach for use.
The markers write well and are easy to erase, leaving no marks.  The calendar is roll and sturdy so can hold up to transporting and use. It comes in a heavy duty cardboard tube.

Most of the work we do can be seen visually on the calendar so no one has to go run someone down to know what is going on.  They can go check the board as the month goes along so at the end of the month we are all on the same page and working effectively and focused on our goals with all the information we need to do our job.

The website has this description:

  • Huge 24-Inch by 36-Inch Size
  • Extra Large Date Boxes
  • Heavy Duty Laminate/Paper
  • Never Folded
  • Perfect for Organizing
  • Easy Erase PET Film
  • BONUS: With every calendar you will receive 5 dry erase markers, a high quality eraser and 8 jumbo tacks so you can attach the calendar to any wall of your choosing!
  • SHIPS ROLLED, NEVER FOLDED: Unlike other companies, we never fold our calendars. To ensure you never receive creased lines or wrinkles on your calendar, each of our calendars are gently rolled and prepped for shipping so it gets to your front door without a single blemish.
  • EASY BREEZY ERASING: We use a unique OfficeThink PET Film that makes erasing much easier than other standard wet erase calendars. So, go ahead and use as many colors and thick lines as you want on the calendar because erasing on our laminate is a breeze.
  • LONGTERM DURABILITY: A major complaint about jumbo calendars has been laminate and paper thickness. We use the latest PET Film and paper combo possible to provide you with an extremely durable calendar. Say goodbye to random rips. This calendar is built to last.
  • TAKE ORGANIZATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL: This calendar is massive (4 ft by 3 ft) with extra-large 5″ by 6.5″ date squares. We even added a spacious “special notes” section for all your planning needs. Whether you use it for your family, business, or classroom, you’ll find yourself planning like you never have before.

    We recommend this calendar to anyone who is serious about success and productivity.  Here is where you can get one:

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