Achoro Universal Travel charger


My new travel adapter is so convenient and all in one block.  It arrived working, except for the slider that accesses the plugs for the US/Australia and New Zealand is jammed and won’t allow those plugs to extend.

The plugs for the UK and Europe slide out easily.

I can also charge my devices through the USB plugs on the side.

My old world travel adapter takes a drawstring bag with lots of parts and pieces to lose, but this one is literally one block. There are sliders on the side of the block that allow you access to the plugs easily.

I can use this travel adapter anywhere in the world.   It’s so compact and easy to use.

adapter1It is convenient wall charger and suitable for business, personal and family traveler.

The company website says:

US EU UK AUS Plugs in One Set. Led Power Indicator.
Mobile Phone Charging Station with 4 USB Port. Built-in Smart IC. Support Computer, Tablet, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, Support Type C to Type C Devices Such as Macbook, Type C Phone, Etc.

adapter2The Adapter is Compatible with IOS and Android System devices and other Smart Devices.

4 Port USB remarks 1 Type-c to Type-C Protocol, the other 3 USB with smart IC built in. USB output: 5V 3.4A (Type-c and 3 smart USB output MAX 5V 3.4A).
The adapter works in 150 countries.

3 USB 1 Type C & Universal Plug Adapter. Note: Support Type C Protocol for Type C Protocol. Build In Safety Shutter. Plug Pin Lock Automatically. Certificate: RoHS. CE, FC.  You can purchase one here: #tomoson #ad

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