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Amber Teething Bracelet or Anklet 5.3 inch by Baltic Secret

Some folks use these bracelets for teething relief for babies and toddlers but I use them for relief from aches and pains, like arthritis and lower back pain from lifting too much.  For more pain relief, I use more amber necklaces and bracelets.  I have a friend who has heart problems that make her chest hurt and when I had her wear my amber bracelet, the pain eased off. Continue reading

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Top Koality Mom and Dad Ceramic Coffee Mug Gift Set

These mugs were purchased as a special gift for adoptive parents. 

I thought about what they would need and they already had clothing,
diapers, kids stuff but nothing that was for them. 

I love these mugs – I have another set that has elephants on them that I bought for my
desk – and I know they are really well made and comfortable to hold so
I am giving them to the new parents. 

The way I see it, with sleep deprivation for not only one but two new little ones, they are going to get a lot of use out of these mugs filled with coffee to stay awake! 

They are really stable so if the new parents are half asleep in the middle of the night enjoying a cuppa, they can easily set the mug down without it tipping over. 

The neat thing about this mugs is that they came in a box that says “Life is a Gift” on it and that is perfect for this present I am giving. Continue reading

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Benji Rules – Infant/Toddler Shoe Sizer

This shoe sizer is such a great idea for growing families. As shoes are grown out of and passed down or if friends have shoes they want to share with the family, it is easy to quickly know the size of the child they want to give it to, and if the shoes will fit. It also helps when ordering online. Continue reading

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Jxstar Baby Girl Fur Winter Coat

Look at this gorgeous little girls warm winter coat. I just ordered it from Amazon in a size 2 to 3 yr fit and love it. The fit for 2-3 yrs is: length 13.4 inches and sleeve length 9.4 inches. … Continue reading

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Essential Oil Nebulizer by Consumer Associates

Have you ever used a nebulizer for essential oils?

This is my first one. I usually use a diffuser to scent my office and it takes water and puts moisture in the air.

When you live in an already moist environment, sometimes you dont want more moisture in the air so a nebulizer is better.

This one is by #ConsumerAssociates and I simply put the essential oils I want directly into the glass reservoir (just the oil, no water) and push the button.

Right now I am using a Cranberry Mandarin blend and my office smells heavenly.

I can either plug it into my wall outlet or it also has a USB plug for the computer for power. It covers a room up to 1,200 feet. I really like it. I got it on Amazon. Continue reading

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