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6 Wooden Percussion Musical Egg Maracas by CLD Brands

These 6 adorable wooden eggs are actually maracas for children so they can learn about rhythm.

The maracas are made from good quality wood and are smooth with no rough edges.

Each egg has been painted with a different color and theme. There is a darling ladybug, two cute eggs with adorable faces on the end, an egg with flowers and grass and a bright yellow egg with posies on it.

The maracas come in a convenient soft black drawstring bag so they are easy to take them with you to church nursery or when you are going to a homeschool group. The bag is great for storage so you can pop them into the diaper bag or your purse when you are going somewhere or even for storing in the toy trunk.

Using the maracas eggs helps children develop hand and eye coordination and the sound is pleasant – not too loud for adults to be annoying but loud enough for the children to enjoy playing with them.

I know of parents who got these for their children for easter to hide in the easter egg hunt and the children loved them. Continue reading

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Zoodinos Magazine

The Zoodinos website states: ‘Dinosaurs come alive for kids in our new Dinosaurs book series from Zoobooks. Each edition in the Dinosaur series follows the award-winning Zoobooks approach: combining spectacular scientifically-correct illustrations and vibrant photos. Simple, interactive text encourages discussion and learninG.”

I am actually very impressed with these magazines and my homeschooled grandchildren will have a blast learning about dinosaurs from these colorful, well written magazines.

There are poems and stories that are fun and interesting. The pictures are very realistic and engaging. A plethora of scientific information adding fact to fictional stories bring the dinosaur era alive for young aspiring minds. Continue reading

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CEKtoys Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures

CEKtoys Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures Continue reading

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