Cablex 3Pack 6FT iPhone Lightning Cable

There are 3 charging cords in this set and they work well. They are white so not distracting in the office environment where bright colors are frowned upon.  They charge my iPhone 6 plus quickly and are well made so they will hold up to a lot of use without breaking.  It is nice to have three cables in this set so I can use one in the car, one at the office and one at home.

The cables arrived quickly and well packaged. I got them here:

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Instant Pop Up Tent for 2 Person by Vitchelo

This is a very well made pop up tent that is super easy to set up and a little more challenging to put away. To set up the tent, unzip the cover it is in and remove the tent. Right now the tent is held flat because of the elastic cord that holds it together. Remove the tent pegs and set them aside. Take your tent outside (you can also open your tent inside but make sure you have plenty of room and it isn’t going to bump into anything), and simply slide the elastic cord off the circle and give the tent a wee toss in the air. When it comes down, it will be set up! Ta da! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Finish setting up your tent my using the stakes. When you push the stakes into the ground, slant them away from the tent so it will hold the tent down, especially in a windy situation.

When it is time to take down your tent, pull up the stakes and set them aside. Then watch this video on how to take your tent down. It is going to take you a couple of times to figure it out, but when you do, it will be easy sailing from there.

This tent is a lot of fun. You can set it up in the backyard for the kids to play in, use it on your camping trips or even to change in at the beach for the day. It is also fun to set up inside the house for the kids to have their own “room” when they come visiting grandma or if they want a neat playroom for the day.

The tent folds down flat so it takes very little room to store. It is well made from quality fabric so will last a long time with the proper care.

If you would like to get one of your own, go here:


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Zoodinos Magazine

The Zoodinos website states: ‘Dinosaurs come alive for kids in our new Dinosaurs book series from Zoobooks. Each edition in the Dinosaur series follows the award-winning Zoobooks approach: combining spectacular scientifically-correct illustrations and vibrant photos. Simple, interactive text encourages discussion and learninG.”

I am actually very impressed with these magazines and my homeschooled grandchildren will have a blast learning about dinosaurs from these colorful, well written magazines.

There are poems and stories that are fun and interesting. The pictures are very realistic and engaging. A plethora of scientific information adding fact to fictional stories bring the dinosaur era alive for young aspiring minds.

Some of the pictures in the magazines are of such high quality that they could be removed from the magazine and framed to hang on the kids bedroom walls. My favorite picture is of the horned lizard, or chameleon. Under the picture it says, “Chameleons, a type of lizard, come in many shapes and sizes. There are even several types with horns like a ceratopsian! One type of chameleon, called Jackson’s chameleon, has three horns like a Triceratops. One horn grows near the tip of it’s nose, and two grow over it’s eyes. These lizars are not related to ceratopsians, but they may use their horns to impress mates and scare off rivals, just like Triceratops and other horned ceratopsians probably did.”

These articles allow children to compare the dinosaurs to animals they know and may have experience with living today. There are even dino comics on the back of the magazines. I highly recommend them. You can read more and purchase them here:

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Glucosamine Chondroitin Natural Dog Supplement Soft Chews Organic Joint Relief

Penny is a 14 year old golden retriever. She needs supplements to help her be comfortable and move around. These chews do the job very well for

Whenever you have a dog who needs supplements, the first thing you do is find a supplement that is healthy and will address whatever the dog needs help with.  Older dogs tend to have joint problems, and Penny is no exception.  When she takes her supplements regularly, she has pretty good movement and can get around fairly well for being a cancer survivor and 14 years old.

When Penny does not take her supplements, she can barely move and simply lays on the ground and sleeps or looks sad. This supplement is very good for her as it is organic and has excellent ingredients that address her particular needs.  With the natural chicken and duck flavoring, there is no challenge in getting her to eat her chews.  Instead of having to coax her to eat them, she is always begging for them like they were treats.

With her weight range, she is allowed to have 4 chews a day, so that is four times a day she looks forward to.  It is wonderful to see her enjoying herself around the farm and able to get up and down.  Without the supplements she needed help to get up.

There are 120 treats – ahem, supplement chews – in this container so it is a month’s supply for her.  We are happy to see her pain reduced and mobility a lot better.  If you have a dog that has problems with aging, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, you may want to consider getting them some of these chews and watch the improvement.

You can read more about them here:

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Easy Snorkel Mask – easy to use and fun!

If you are tired of struggling with your mask when you are enjoying the sun and water, things just got a lot better.  The Easy Snorkel Mask is comfortable to wear, simple to put on, doesn’t fog up and doesn’t leak.

You can actually spend time enjoying snorkeling without fighting the equipment.  This is a full face mask so you can breathe through your nose and mouth comfortably with no breathing tubes to bother with, and you have a 180 degree view.

I love to kayak and swim in the Missouri river.  It is so peaceful and enjoyable to watch the turtles glide under your feet and see the fish moving gracefully through the water through an easy to use comfortable snorkel mask.  I can lose all the stress of the day effortlessly with an afternoon in the water with this well made, intelligently designed full facemask.

This mask just arrived and I have done an unboxing video so you can see it for yourself, instead of simply looking at pictures online and hoping for the best.  It does fit well and doesn’t pull my hair.  I have long blonde hair and am tender-headed so that is a huge plus for me.

If you would like to see more videos and read additional information about this mask, you can go to the company website here:

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CEKtoys Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton Figures


These dinosaur skeletons are a lot of fun and pretty realistic for plastic miniatures.

We visited the Dino digs in Utah and wanted to get something to be able to learn more about the dinosaurs that would be fun and interesting.

These toys are very detailed and made of a good quality plastic that is rubbery and not brittle so they can hold up to being used for fun and learning.

There are twelve dinos in the plastic bag and only two are identical. They are just the right size.

I am really pleased with the quality and they are also a good price. The toys at the tourist Dino digs are overpriced and these are just as good, if not better and less expensive. This was an excellent purchase!

Update: My married daughter came into my office and saw the dinosaurs sitting on my desk. She went crazy over them and asked if she could have them. I said “sure” and later this evening I get a facebook message from her that said: “Me + tiny Dino skeletons + mini pumpkins + booze. That just happened.”


I am dying with laughter….this was even better than little kids playing with them!

You want some for yourself! You can find them here:

There are some specials you can take advantage of when purchasing the dinosaurs!

One is 10% off for the dinosaur fossils and the other is special 30% off for the t rex dinosaur toy (picture attached), but the rule for the special 30% is to follow the sellers instructions:  Search ” T Rex dinosaur toy” on Amazon, click two or three other items on search results and have a quick look on those pages, and then find our product on 6th page and submit the order.

The dinosaur skeleton toys will be on the first page with ” dinosaur fossil skeleton toys” and on the third page with ” dinosaur fossils”.

You can get 10% off your order of dino skeletons by using one of these codes:


Comment below and let me know when you have used one of the codes so folks will know it’s gone.

You can get 30% off the T Rex by using one of these codes:


Also comment below when you have used one of the codes so folks will know they are all used.  If there are more people interested in getting these, I can ask the seller if they are willing to generate more codes 🙂


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Jadience Slimming Soak

I found an all natural herbal bath soak that is just what I needed and wanted. The scent is wonderful, as you breathe it in, you can feel the stress of the day leaving your body and mind.

This is a slimming soak that is promoted to help detox the body to stimulate the metabolism and encourage fat loss (for us ladies over 50, we can use all the help we can get in that area), and will also tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

I imagine that will take place over time and with continued use.  For now, I am just thrilled to have a product I can use that is healthy and lets me unwind in the tub after a long day.

The ingredients are wild-crafted herbal ingredients such as Ginseng, Cornus and Fennel. Ginseng, Licorice Root, and Astragulus are used to fight stress and mental and physical fatigue and increase the availability of energy and endurance throughout the day. Clematidis can relieve soreness, as well as pain in muscles and joints, and Angelica Root is known to detoxify and improve circulation. This helps the body to naturally transport vitamins and minerals.

You can use this product as a foot soak as well as a bath soak when you don’t want to take a bath or don’t have time for a full bath. There is enough product in the bottle for 4 to 5 full body treatments. As a foot soak, you should be able to get between 8 to 16 treatments.


If you would like to purchase some of your own, you can get it here:
#tomoson #ad

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GKHair Hair Taming System Conditioner

hairtameWhen I first opened the bottle of the conditioner, I saw that it was more like a cream than a lotion as the consistency was thicker. This meant it was going to be easier to apply as it wasn’t runny and I would be able to apply it easier but putting some in the palm of my hand and rubbing my hands together.

To prepare my hair for the hair conditioner I needed to wash my hair with excellent quality shampoo.

It is best if you have the same brand of shampoo, but I didn’t so I used what I had on hand and washed my hair twice to make sure it was squeaky clean.

Then I towel dried my hair and it was ready for conditioning using the GKHair “The Best” hair treatment.

It was easy to smooth the conditioner on my hair all the way down to the ends to make sure every strand was coated with conditioner.

This is key, you don’t want to miss any spots, and to make sure all the hair was coated, I used a shower comb with wide teeth.

You can leave the conditioner on for a quarter hour to a full hour, depending on how much time you have available and the condition of your hair.

My hair is long, blonde and in moderate condition because I am careful to take good care of it.

The main concern about my hair is the ends getting split and brittle.  Having very fine hair also leads to frizzies and fly away hair but by using hair conditioner my hair is softer and looks nicer without having to style it with heat every day.

I also love the gentle scent of this conditioner as some hair conditioners tend to have an overpowering chemical smell that just doesn’t go away.

This hair conditioner is easy to use, has a nice scent and is good for my hair. #Tomoson #ad #fashionandbeautystore

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Photoshop Tutorial by John Slavio

I bought this photoshopbookbook on Amazon to load on my Kindle to read.

I have Photoshop and have used it for years.

I wanted to see what was considered a “beginner” book.

I also wanted to see what the author considered important information for inclusion in the book for folks who have never used Photoshop before.

This book is a very basic book for those who are unfamiliar with the layout in Photoshop and will help them understand how to do basic tasks so they can begin to build on Photoshop mastery.

I found the book layout very simple and easy to follow, it was a bit dated in the layout and some of the larger color visuals were blurry with unreadable words.  These are actual screen scrapes from the book so you can see what the visual are like:



However, the information is there and if you are willing to work through the book, it will give you a very basic understanding of how to use your Photoshop program, even if you have never used the program before.

photoshoptableYou can see by reading the Table of Contents that the information contained in the book is more than enough for you to quickly learn what Photoshop will allow you to do and how to apply tasks to your work.

The author has kept the instructions very simple and clear so even folks with just a basic understanding of the English language can easily grasp how to use Photoshop and apply their own creativity to projects in this program.

I recommend to read the Table of Contents first, then skim through the entire book. After you have done that, go back and read the book thoroughly. This will allow you to become familiar with common terms and gain a quick overview first, before getting bogged down in details.

As you read the book on your laptop, computer or other device, you can make the words or visuals larger by clicking CTRL+ or smaller by clicking CRTL-.  This is very helpful.

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself, go here #photoshop

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Burn-out #acnegone review

maryacneHemp spray for removing acne scars and healing skin….naturally.

This is a metal bottle that has a spray solution in it that you use after you have washed and dried your face to be able to get the full effects of healing from it.

The ingredients are Aloe Vera water, sweet almond oil, witch hazel, German blue chamomile oil, lavender essential oil, vitamin E oil, polysorbate, germaben II preservative, distilled water, melaleuca tea tree oil, elite fractionally distilled hemp extract (250 mg Canabidoil Complex), so you can see that there are a number of wonderful healing ingredients in this solution.

There is a total of 2.7 oz in this misting spray bottle.

To use, you shake the bottle really well to mix up the contents and spray it on.

I would test it on your wrist first, to see if you have any negative reactions to it, that’s what I did.

I have sensitive skin and had no problems.

There is an essential oil scent to it as tea tree oil does have a strong scent, but the lavender in the solution counteracts it.

I thought it would have a consistency like water but it is more like dry oil.

I sprayed it on the underside of my arm to test and expected it to pretty much dry to nothing but had a chuckle when my arms are sticking to my desk so it’s interesting typing this LOL.

I would recommend using this at bedtime on your face or wherever you have acne or skin problems you are working on healing.

It is easy to use and effective…and no, the smell does not soften and go away, it stays so don’t try to use this and go out for the day, you are going to smell like tea tree oil – not unpleasant but it does have a scent like you used a household cleaner.


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Mini backpack by KAKA

minibackpack2Just right for taking a walk with my dog in the park, I can carry his treats and some of my things. It is well sewn.  Color: Black
I was looking for a way to take my things with me when I walked the dog in the park without having to either stuff it in my pockets and risk it falling out or getting stuck using my large purse and having to drag that around with me with only one hand left to try to hang on to the dog’s leash.
This mini backpack is just perfect for what I needed and I can adjust it so if the dog has lots of energy like at the beginning of the walk, I can wear it across the body so it stays put.

After my dog has run some of his energy out, I can move the mini backpack so it is over one shoulder.

There is plenty of room in this mini backpack for my keys, wallet, phone, book, chapstick, dog treats, comb, and headscarf.

It’s not quite big enough for a water bottle, and the front pocket could have held a little more if there weren’t tucks in the fabric on either side of the bottom, but the backpack is very well sewn and the zippers slide easily.

minibackpack1The reason I chose this brand is because I purchased another backpack from them and was very happy with the quality.

I have purchased other backpacks and they were made out of thin mesh material that fell apart when I tried to clean them, but the backpack I bought from this company held up very well and I can clean them, too.

To purchase one for yourself, click here:


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Amazon Echo Show case – very good quality


Show Case with Premium PU Leather Carrying Case, Bonus Screen Protector, Portable Handle, Sleeve Skins, Anti-Skid Protection, 360 Degree Protect, Super Light Weight Accessory (Pink)

This case is very well made with good materials.

There is a convenient handle on top to grab and go that is made with webbing and has a non-slip grip handle that is easy on my hands.

The stitching is even with no loose threads and all the edges of the PU leather are sealed for durability.

I love the pretty pink color with the accenting black mesh.

It is easy to open and close with the velcro on the lower back.

You can purchase it here:

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S-JIANG Tactical LED Flashlight

This is a must for everyone’s emergency preparedness kit. It is well made, 2 power sources and bright.

This is a very strong, sturdy, BRIGHT tactical flashlight. With all the storms and flooding in Texas, I figured we better get our self-reliance situation taken care of so this flashlight is now in our emergency preparedness kit.

It comes in a green water resistant case with a snap down lid for easy access and a cord for easy access to grab and go.

The flashlight has two power sources – the larger rechargeable battery that comes with it and it also takes 3 triple A batteries, that I have in it now.


The light field is scalable from large to a specifically pinpointed area. The light itself is clear and bright and very useful when you are out in the dark and need to see. It is also good for letting the rescue teams know where you are if you need help. I am recommending this flashlight to all my friends and family. It is a good value for the money and indispensable in an emergency.

The flashlight is heavy so you can use it as a weapon if you have to, and if you happen to drop it, this flashlight can take it.



Don’t get caught empty handed… get it here:

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Love You A Little S’More Mug 11 oz

This mug has the cutest little saying on it and is well made – great for the 
You know when kids are having a tough time and they just need to know you love them, no matter what?
That’s what this mug is for. I have a little granddaughter who has been through the wringer ever since she got here to this earth.
Many hospital stays, lots of prayers and hard work and she is home, going to school and doing well, except…sometimes when she is having a hard day…….she just needs to know everything is okay and she is loved.
I tell her all the time but with this cute mug, she knows I love her with this darling reminder every time she goes to get a drink, especially when I am not there because we live far away from each other.

This sweet little mug is exactly what she needs to put a smile on her face.

It is well made and even if she accidentally knocks it off the table onto the floor, it can take it.
This is a good quality mug, not just a cheap dollar store type, and it is solid, sturdy and okay for kids to use daily.
The handle is just perfect for her to hold as it is comfortable and designed to be able to hang on to the mug without slipping because it is just the right size for her fingers to hold it.
Do you need one for your special someone? I got it here:
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Top Koality Mom and Dad Ceramic Coffee Mug Gift Set


These mugs were purchased as a special gift for adoptive parents.

I thought about what they would need and they already had clothing,
diapers, kids stuff but nothing that was for them.

I love these mugs – I have another set that has elephants on them that I bought for my
desk – and I know they are really well made and comfortable to hold so
I am giving them to the new parents.

The way I see it, with sleep deprivation for not only one but two new little ones, they are going to get a lot of use out of these mugs filled with coffee to stay awake!

They are really stable so if the new parents are half asleep in the middle of the night enjoying a cuppa, they can easily set the mug down without it tipping over.

The neat thing about this mugs is that they came in a box that says “Life is a Gift” on it and that is perfect for this present I am giving.

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Elephant Mugs – so adorable.


These mugs are so adorable that I just couldn’t wait for them to get here.

Drink hot chocolate or herbal tea out of them?

Yes, I guess I could have because they are so well made and their handles just the right size to hold comfortably, but that is not why I got them.

I needed something to put a smile on my face when I was stuck pounding the keyboard at the office.

These mugs are just the ticket.

I needed a sturdy holder or two for my desk for all the markers, pens, pencils, clips, rulers and accessories I have all over the desk, so I am now using these darling elephant mugs to keep my space tidy, efficient and fun.

The mugs are stable and don’t tip over and are the best idea for keeping my desk uncluttered and more efficient.   They also keep a smile on my face!

I bought them here:

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Canvas Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag


It’s like this bag was made especially for me with everything I asked for in a perfect bag. I really love it.

It is made of a durable brown canvas that is nice to touch, and good thing because you will find me hanging on to my bag all day as I shop and travel.

The front of the bag has two pockets on it and the bottom pocket is perfect to put my iPhone in it and thread the earphone cord through the metal hole so I can take phone calls or listen to music without worrying about laying my phone down and forgetting it or having someone pick it up when I am distracted.

The top zippered pocket is for my lipstick which I wind up applying all day.

I can’t stand dry lips and to have a pocket handy to quickly grab my lipstick and re-apply is imperative.

The strap on the bag is super comfortable and I like that it is brown because it hides dirt.

There is a zippered pocket on the back for my kleenex that I keep handy for allergies this summer and the main pocket area with the zipper at the top is just the right size for my wallet, keys, and a protein bar for a snack.

I love the size of this tote as it doesn’t get in the way and isn’t heavy. It is so convenient and a great value for the cost.

You can purchase one here:


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Bluetooth Headphones, OldShark Stereo Wireless for sports

Comfortable secure fit, excellent sound – a great value for the money.
These are exceptional headphones with quality sound and comfortable fit. They are unique in that you can turn them on and off by touching them together – so convenient. The storage case they come in is well designed and fits in my pocket without taking up too much room. I love the pockets inside the case so when I open it the headphones just don’t fall out, they are secured and easily accessible.

I will say this – if you try them out and don’t like the fit or think the sound just isn’t precise enough…change the tips for a smaller size. That happened to me. I simply tried them out with the tips that came with them on it and was sad because they wouldn’t stay in and the sound seemed mediocre. After double checking the box, I found the little zip lock package with the extra tips in them and quickly changed them out so the smallest size was on the headphones. WOW! What a difference. The smaller tips allowed the headphones to go further into my ear and the sound became high quality with great bass and clear treble. I can actually shake my head and the headphones stay in. I love them!

Would you like some for yourself?  You can get them here:

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Happlee Decorations for nails & crafts

nailbottles3D Nail Art, Fashion Nail Decoration, Glitter Confetti, New Nail Glitter, Colored Glitter Powder, Perfect Nail Stickers, Nails Art Design with Sequin Shapes, Rhinestones, Powder (48colors)

Gorgeous colors and interesting shapes all in fun shaped bottles. I love the quality of the shapes cut with precision.

This is an amazing set of tiny bottles filled with everything I just love. There are beads, sparkles, vibrant colors, hearts, glitter, stars, jewels, glistening powder, confetti, gold, silver.  The little bottles they are in have stoppers with a loop at the top.

Yes, they are nail art deco filled bottles but I got them for decorating the kid’s room. My daughter and I are gluing the lids on so we can hang them from a rod with a clear stretch cord at different lengths, so when the sunlight hits them they will keep my grandkids awestruck and delighted with all the colors.

They are up out of the way so the little ones can’t break the display or put them in their mouths. These beautiful little bottles with their precious contents, filled right to the top of the bottle, are the perfect accent to our Peter Pan fairy tale bedroom we created for when the grandkids come to visit.

I love them so much that I bought another set to glue some of the contents onto decor items around the room so they match the hanging display at the top of the window.

I am very pleased with my purchase and love all the quality items in the bottles.

You love them, too? You can buy them here:

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KISSPAT Handmade Feather Dangling Earrings


Don’t you love it when the UPS truck shows up? This time it brought me my pink feather earrings I have been waiting for.

These earrings are actually made with 3 feathers on each earring, the largest feather is pink and there is a yellow feather that is shorter on top of that and the top feather is a gorgeous reflective peacock feather.

The color of the feathers is varied so I can wear them with a number of different outfits and they still match.  They can be worn with casual clothing for a fun bohemian look, or with more business style clothing to relax the appearance of the outfit.  I can also wear them to church, they are very pretty and go with almost any style of clothes I would like to wear them with.

These earrings are handmade and the feathers are bound together with a silver coil at the top of them.

The post type is a fish hook style which I will probably switch for a leverback so I won’t accidentally lose them if the earring gets pushed out of my ear, caught in my long blonde hair.

The brand is Kisspat and their handcrafted artisan jewelry is really very well done I bought them here:



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