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SMARTOMI Gee True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are comfortable, easy to use, lightweight and stay put.

These earbuds are so convenient and comfortable.

When I got them, the first thing I did was put the smallest tip on the earbud so it sat in
my ear properly.

With the loop over the top of the ear, my earbuds stay in the ear easily instead of falling out.

The left earbud is the main one and I can use it while the other one is charging. I love the
carry case they come in so I can keep it handy in my purse.

One of the things I love about this set is that there are no double sets of tangled cords because the earbuds come with a USB split cord for convenience. These earbuds are lightweight so I can wear them for a long time without any problems, The sound is acceptable and phone calls are clear.

The instruction paper that came with it is easy to understand and has
visual aids as well as text. Continue reading

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Foldable Bluetooth Headset, Senbowe

Comfortable to wear, Bluetooth quickly and easily, deep booming bass.

These are comfortable earphones to wear and come with a number of different size tips. I usually wear the smallest size so they stay snugly in my ears and don’t fall out, like they do with the larger tips. I wear my headset like a necklace so it is convenient to access when a call comes in or I want to listen to music or audio lessons.

If you like deep booming bass, these earphones are for you! It really puts the deeper end of the sound out there and the treble is clear but not overpowering next to the overriding bass. I chose the white with black color design and the headphones look sleek and sharp. They easily fold down to take up less space in your briefcase, tote or purse and there is a button to push to retract the earbuds when they are not in use. Continue reading

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