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Mini backpack by KAKA

Just right for taking a walk with my dog in the park, I can carry his treats and some of my things. It is well sewn.  Color: Black

I was looking for a way to take my things with me when I walked the dog in the park without having to either stuff it in my pockets and risk it falling out or getting stuck using my large purse and having to drag that around with me with only one hand left to try to hang on to the dog’s leash.

This mini backpack is just perfect for what I needed and I can adjust it so if the dog has lots of energy like at the beginning of the walk, I can wear it across the body so it stays put.

After my dog has run some of his energy out, I can move the mini backpack so it is over one shoulder.

There is plenty of room in this mini backpack for my keys, wallet, phone, book, chapstick, dog treats, comb, and headscarf.

It’s not quite big enough for a water bottle, and the front pocket could have held a little more if there weren’t tucks in the fabric on either side of the bottom, but the backpack is very well sewn and the zippers slide easily.

The reason I chose this brand is because I purchased another backpack from them and was very happy with the quality.

I have purchased other backpacks and they were made out of thin mesh material that fell apart when I tried to clean them, but the backpack I bought from this company held up very well and I can clean them, too.

To purchase one for yourself, click here: 
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KAKA anti-theft backpack

This is a good anti-theft backpack with the embedded zipper in the
front pocket and zipper placed under the flap on the stop. This
backpack is great for carrying my laptop and looks business like with
its minimalistic design.

The material it is made of will hold up well to constant use and the
color hides the dirt.

The inner lining is a pretty teal color and is much better than the
traditional black lining that makes everything disappear into a black
hole. This color will help me find what I need quicker.

The handle on top is comfortable and easy to grab when I am in a hurry.
The straps are padded and intelligently designed with a black mesh
backing for comfort.

There are three panels of padding on the back of the backpack to
provide protection for my laptop.

The only negative comment I have is that since the backpack was made
to make it harder for thieves to steal things from it, the enclosed
zipper is a bit of a struggle to pry it out of the enclosed flap and
dig the zipper out of the channel. That’s the trade off you get when
you try to make it harder for others to get into your backpack, it
also makes it harder for you, and takes longer to access what is in
the backpack. Continue reading

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