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Love You A Little S’More Mug 11 oz

This mug has the cutest little saying on it and is well made – great for the 

You know when kids are having a tough time and they just need to know you love them, no matter what?

That’s what this mug is for. I have a little granddaughter who has been through the wringer ever since she got here to this earth.

Many hospital stays, lots of prayers and hard work and she is home, going to school and doing well, except…sometimes when she is having a hard day…….she just needs to know everything is okay and she is loved.

I tell her all the time but with this cute mug, she knows I love her with this darling reminder every time she goes to get a drink, especially when I am not there because we live far away from each other.

This sweet little mug is exactly what she needs to put a smile on her face.

It is well made and even if she accidentally knocks it off the table onto the floor, it can take it.

This is a good quality mug, not just a cheap dollar store type, and it is solid, sturdy and okay for kids to use daily.

The handle is just perfect for her to hold as it is comfortable and designed to be able to hang on to the mug without slipping because it is just the right size for her fingers to hold it.

Do you need one for your special someone? I got it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZYJ1S8C Continue reading

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MdSiY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks & Hot Dog Smores Forks

These hot dog forks are very well made. They are sharp enough to put the hot dogs and marshmallows on but not too sharp for kids to use.  They come with different colors on the handles so kids can easily tell which one is theirs.

The roasting forks telescope out to 34″ but you can make them as long as you like, if you want to telescope them down to make them shorter. The rubber material on the handle is texturized for a good hold on them so they don’t slip.

They come in a cloth bag for storing later that has a drawstring on the top. The forks are easy to clean up with soap and water and so is the bag. Continue reading

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