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Bluetooth Headphones, OldShark Stereo Wireless for sports

Comfortable secure fit, excellent sound – a great value for the money.

These are exceptional headphones with quality sound and comfortable fit. They are unique in that you can turn them on and off by touching them together – so convenient. The storage case they come in is well designed and fits in my pocket without taking up too much room. I love the pockets inside the case so when I open it the headphones just don’t fall out, they are secured and easily accessible.

I will say this – if you try them out and don’t like the fit or think the sound just isn’t precise enough…change the tips for a smaller size. That happened to me. I simply tried them out with the tips that came with them on it and was sad because they wouldn’t stay in and the sound seemed mediocre. After double checking the box, I found the little zip lock package with the extra tips in them and quickly changed them out so the smallest size was on the headphones. WOW! What a difference. The smaller tips allowed the headphones to go further into my ear and the sound became high quality with great bass and clear treble. I can actually shake my head and the headphones stay in. I love them! Continue reading

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Aerb 2.4GHz Colorful Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard

This device works very well and right out of the box. I opened the back battery compartment and took out the USB plug to plug it into my computer to test. My computer immediately dinged to let me know a new device had connected to the computer. I opened an email and started to type to send me a test and found that I love the keyboard. It is a good tactile keyboard and also found I wasn’t making any spelling mistakes because of the way the keyboard is made and the space between the keys. Continue reading

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Foldable Bluetooth Headset, Senbowe

Comfortable to wear, Bluetooth quickly and easily, deep booming bass.

These are comfortable earphones to wear and come with a number of different size tips. I usually wear the smallest size so they stay snugly in my ears and don’t fall out, like they do with the larger tips. I wear my headset like a necklace so it is convenient to access when a call comes in or I want to listen to music or audio lessons.

If you like deep booming bass, these earphones are for you! It really puts the deeper end of the sound out there and the treble is clear but not overpowering next to the overriding bass. I chose the white with black color design and the headphones look sleek and sharp. They easily fold down to take up less space in your briefcase, tote or purse and there is a button to push to retract the earbuds when they are not in use. Continue reading

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